Ghana’s Environmental Degradation Scares Me – Speaker Doe Adjaho

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Edward Doe Adjaho has expressed fear for the Future of Ghana’s environment and natural resources if a conscious effort is not taken to hault and reverse environmental pollution and land degradation in the country. He shared his concerns while addressing an opening ceremony of a workshop organized by Globe Ghana for selected legislators in the country. According to experts, pollution has increased enormously in the last decade having an adverse toll on the atmosphere and the water in the world´s lakes, rivers and seas. The workshop was organized to draw attention of legislators to the global campaign to reduce the devastating harm being done to the environment which has caught on culminating in the developing of legislature in pursuit of sustainable development. Addressing the gathering, the Rt Hon Doe Adjaho intimated that he often gets alarmed at reports of environmentally unfriendly methods of fishing, mining and farming activities that poses threat to the sustainability of the natural environment. “As I attentively listen to the presentation of scientific studies that have been conducted into the problems of the global environment and the revelations that conditions will worsen at a rapid rate if concerted efforts are not made by all to reverse the trend, I quickly remember the dire situation of environmental degradation in Ghana” he stated. He bemoaned, “The growing trend of galamsey activities, activities of illegal lumbers and sand winners and the different sources of soil degradation and many others are becoming troubling because rivers that we used to fish and swim in when we were young are all gone”. Rt Hon Edward Doe Ajaho called for a rigorous campaign to reverse environmental degradation and make the world a better place to live in. He also expressed need for the consideration of legislature to protect the environment and its natural resources not only for the current generation but for those yet unborn.