MPs Are Losing Respect - Mike Ocquaye

A former second deputy Speaker of Parliament Professor Mike Oquaye says the lawmaking chamber needs what he calls a voting record that showcases the voting pattern of MPs. He said this will expose many lawmakers who he believes lack integrity when it comes to debating and voting on national issues in parliament. Professor Ocquaye told XYZ News that many MPs are losing respect among their constituents because they seem to be bootlicking the presidency instead of developing their careers as legislators. The former lawmaker for Dome-Kwabenya is hopeful when voting records of MPs are made public, it will reveal the real principles of legislators and their contribution to the growth of Parliament. “Parliament should have a voting record not that we all become part of one pack...we don’t have a voting record in parliament for MPs, I would like it introduced”. “It also promotes the politics of issues...but who cares about that when everything is lost in the quagmire and when everything is lost the one that stands out is the Presidency and everyone is kowtowing in that direction”.