Keep An Eye On Boko Haram Prez Mahama Charges Armed Forces

President John Mahama has tasked the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to immediately strategise and work towards countering any possible terrorist attack on the country. The president said activities of Boko Haram and other terrorists groups in the sub-region are rife and threaten global peace. He was addressing the rank and file of the Ghana Armed Forces at Burma Camp on Tuesday. The meeting was aimed at briefing them on the state of the economy and steps government is taking to address the current financial and energy challenges facing the country. He reiterated the need to restructure the economy which is largely dependent on commodity prices. He also promised that government would address the energy crisis so that the country would go through such a crisis again. Whilst praising the army for their efforts at maintaining peace and security in the country, President Mahama also charged the soldiers to ensure there are no external attacks on the country. He had early on inspected a newly constructed helipad for the 37 military hospital. With this helipad, helicopter evacuating accident victims and other emergencies to the 37 military will no longer touch down at the air force base but will land directly at the 37 military hospital. President Mahama also inspected an ongoing accommodation facility government is constructing to accommodate over a hundred officers and their families. The project, according to contractors, will be ready by the end of the year.