‘NDC’ Chief Demands RAM Over Insult

Bremanhene Baffuor Kotei Kutin Sraman, who openly campaigned for President John Mahama during the latter’s recent tour of the Ashanti Region, is reported to have demanded a ram from the assemblyman of Breman Abusuakuruwa, Maxwell Ofosu Boakye for allegedly insulting him (Bremanhene). The chief, a former National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Bantama in Kumasi, was demanding the ram to pacify him following what he termed as “gross disrespect” displayed to him by the Assemblyman on a radio station in Kumasi. The Bremanhene is said to have even contested for the Bantama parliamentary seat on the ticket of the NDC in 2000, but he lost miserably to Dr Richard Anane of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). According to reports, Baffuor Kutin Sraman was not happy with Mr. Ofosu Boakye’s criticism of him (chief) openly campaigning for President Mahama, though chiefs are barred from engaging in partisan politics. The chief therefore ordered the assemblyman to appear before him in his private house at Breman on Sunday where he initially ordered him (Ofosu Boakye) to produce a ram and bottles of Schnapps at his palace yesterday, a source hinted DAILY GUIDE. Nana Kutin Sraman was said to have expressed disappointment in his assemblyman for failing to defend his action of openly endorsing President Mahama for the 2016 polls on radio. The Breman Abusuakuruwa assemblyman’s rhetoric on radio, the chief believed, motivated other NPP gurus like Kofi Jumah to chastise him over his decision to declare his support for the president. Mr Ofosu Boakye, sources said, maintained that he did not insult the Bremanhene but rather he said if the chief continued behaving in that manner, then people like him might be compelled to treat him like a politician. He also said that since he (assemblyman) is part of the Ashanti Regional Communication Team of the NPP, he should at least inform the party about demands being made by the chief. This statement by the assemblyman was said to have infuriated the Bremanhene and so he purportedly ordered him not to produce the ram and the bottles of Schnapps to him at his palace any longer as earlier demanded because in his (chief’s) view, Mr. Ofosu Boakye still wasn’t remorseful about the statements he had made on radio. Anger Baffuor Kutin Sraman, who was said to be furious, allegedly unleashed verbal assaults on Mr. Ofosu Boakye and threatened to end the political career of the assemblyman. The Bremanhene was reported to have said he would author letters to some bodies to state that he could no longer work with the assemblyman, adding that he (assemblyman) should not visit his house or palace. When DAILY GUIDE contacted Mr. Ofosu Boakye, he confirmed that indeed he was summoned to the Bremanhene’s private house on Sunday around 4:00 pm in connection with comments he made on radio about the chief’s political declaration during the President’s recent visit to the community. He said the meeting was attended by some elders of Breman, but the Abusuakuruwa Assemblyman was reluctant to give full details of what really transpired during the meeting. Attempts to reach the chief failed as at press time.