Thieves Believe That Everyone Is A Thief - PPP

This is what some NDC people believe - because they are stealers and practice corruption, everyone must be like them. When they are caught engaged in and condoning corruption, they shout, "...they are also corrupt!" An old, tired communist inferior tactic practiced by schizophrenic regimes is to push trumped up charges against those they perceive to be their enemies (they do not know the word "opponent"). They organise inquisitions, use the state's security apparatus and orchestrate investigations while behind the scenes these cowardly actors instigate mud throwing and write reports that defy reason. Their purpose is just to smear, dirty and silence those they are afraid of, especially the ones they cannot bribe with money or positions. This is what motivated some NDC cowards in the early 1990s to attempt to destroy the hard-earned reputation of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom. When challenged by the local media led by the Ghanaian Chronicle and then foreign governments and international agencies, the cowards backed off and ran away with their tails tucked between their legs. Their fraudulent "investigation" was shelved unceremoniously. True to form, still determined to get their "prey" by all means, they cooked up a "report" in a desperate attempt to get Dr. Nduom rejected by Parliament when he was nominated to become a Minister of State in 2001, the same so-called SFO report that surfaces when the NDC becomes nervous about and afraid Dr. Nduom. They claimed Dr. Nduom had not paid taxes on his earnings in Ghana. When Dr. Nduom showed up in Parliament armed with mountains of evidence of tax payments to both the USA and Ghanaian governments, they ran away in shame and Dr. Nduom served his country with distinction as Minister of Economic Planning & Regional Cooperation, Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission, Minister of Energy and Minster of Public Sector Reform. Interestingly enough, the NDC hawks cannot come up with anything negative about the work Dr. Nduom did in six and a half years as a minster of state. They recognize the brilliant ideas, hard work and incorruptible leadership he provided. Every election year, they dust off their disgraced report and push their insulting-brigade to go and do damage with it against Dr. Nduom. So why is it that in 2014 in a non-election year, some of these NDC hirelings are at it again? It can only be that some people are seeing their own shadows and they do not like the image dirtied by acts of corruption and indiscipline. Woyome, GYEEDA, SUBAH, SADA must be weighing heavily on some people. Not that they are repentant. It is the fear of 2016 and the loss of jobs and contracts! What Dr. Nduom has said is simple. President John Dramani is the President in whose hands the 1992 has given tremendous powers, so he must use it to clean Ghana of corruption, the rot that is killing our nation. In 2012, Dr. Nduom launched a crusade against corruption. He displayed his income tax documents for all to examine. He lined up all his Ghanaian passports from 1970 for to see that he had never held citizenship in any country other than Ghana. He put out copies of assets filed with the Auditor-General. All truly unprecedented actions of a man with a clear conscience and clean hands with a strong moral compass to lead this country. Once again, thieves believe everyone is a thief like them! They can throw all the dirt they can muster but Dr. Nduom will be there standing, unsoiled and still leading the anti-corruption crusade.