Desperation For Publicity Forces Nadia Buari To Fake Story?

It is funny how Ghanaian celebrities will do anything and everything to remain relevant. From faking their own deaths, making up robbery stories to fabricating their own stories and posting them to media houses – the Ghanaian Entertainment will do anything now to make the headlines, whether positive or negative. Celebrated actress Nadia Buari, in a bid to make the headlines and attract publicity after stories of her and Jim Iyke became stale and run out, decided to send a story to media houses about her rejecting an endorsement deal worth $75,000 from Avant Claire Grande Afrique. Days later, the same PR team from the camp of the actress sent another release to media houses claiming that; the General Manager of Avant Claire Grande Afrique, Christopher Owen has come out to say that Nadia Buari’s claim of having rejected a $75,000 endorsement deal from Avant Claire Grande Afrique was false. According to the release, Christopher is reported to have told ‘The Juice Report’ that his company offered the actress a total sum of $60,000 which she turned down after Avant declined a $15,000 raise she and her management requested for during negotiations.” In the release, Nadia via her management claimed that, she rejected a deal from Avant Claire Grande because they found out that product contained compounds of hydroquinone (a chemical used for skin whitening and bleaching). Razz Newspaper decided to check the authenticity of the story, the existence of the cosmetic company and the various claims made by the Manager of the firm and the management of Nadia Buari – and the results are very surprising! Upon painstaking checks by this paper, it was realized that the company, Avant Claire Grande Afrique does not exist. The said company has no website, has no twitter handle and any other social media account and checks on the firm on Google proved nothing. A check on the existence of the so-called manager of the company, Christopher Owen, was futile as no relevant information came up for the said manager and his company. The non-existence of the company and the manager who was quoted in the release sent to the media by PR team for Nadia proves that, they might have fabricated the story to make it seem real and attain some media hype for the actress. Razz also went further to do checks on the ‘Juice Report’ which is said to have granted Mr. Christopher Owen the interview on the offer made to Nadia Buari. Per the checks, there are several ‘juice’ magazines including one in Germany and another in Singapore that reports only on hip hop and had no news on Nadia and Christopher Owen. ‘The Juice,” a reggae ‘dancehall website have been reconstructing their portal for months now and have no news on the cosmetic company or Nadia or Christopher Owen. The other ‘Juice’ has a Facebook account with the tag, Christian magazine’ but also has no news on Nadia and her supposed endorsement deal. Obviously, based on the investigations, it is evident that the first story, the rejoinder and the characters and firms that were written and submitted by the PR team of Nadia were all false. Razz Newspaper called Nadia to ascertain the existence of the company. The call was answered by a lady claiming to be her personal assistant. She responded that she couldn’t speak on the issue and would inform Nadia to get back to the paper; but the actress has still not got back to the paper. Several calls to the actress were not answered.