Toning Of Skin Is Not A Problem - Actress, Nkiru Silvanus

Nigerians are known to be jack of all trade, master of none and as such everyone tries to delve into one business or the other rather than waiting for white collar jobs. Things are actually falling in place for ace Nollywood diva, Nkiru Silvanus after she was relieved of her political appointment with the Imo state Governor, Rochas Okorocha, late 2013. Nkiru who is set to premiere her movie come July 13th, 2014, in Lagos, has called on the public, especially females to be mindful with the way they handle their skin all in the name of wanting to be fair and as such, bleach. The naturally fair skin actress noted that toning of the skin is not a problem, but it should be done in the right so as not to cause any defect to the skin. "Whatever you do with your skin is entirely your business and I donít really care. I can only advise and thatís if you seek my opinion. Bleaching damages the skin especially if you consider our living conditions here in Nigeria; how hot our weather is. When you take away the outer layer of your skin all in the name of trying to look beautiful or fair, thatís definitely going to have a repercussion." She further further advised on body part Augmentation which she says depends on what she intends to do or intend to achieve. "If what I intend to achieve is good for my health, then why not? I will. But if itís just for beauty and not really necessary, because the way I am I've come to be accepted, appreciated and loved. Augmenting any part of my body just for beauty? I donít think that will add any more value to me than I have right now."