Apology Accepted, Mr Ankrah, Now Give Us Our Money

Mr Afriyie Ankrah arrived in Accra from Brazil on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 and rightly apologized for Blackstars failed mission to annex the world cup or at least make it past the last eight as we did in South Africa. Mr Afriyie Ankrah, your apology is accepted now we need you to account for the over $12 million your Sports and Youth Ministry is billing Ghanaian Taxpayers for. This time around, Ghanaians are not going to revert to our "ENYE HWEE, FAMA NYAME" syndrome and allow you to laugh all the way to the Bank with our tax dollars remaining after you threw (Benjamins), one hundred dollar bills to Brazilian strippers like a discarded old Mexican pesos. You told Ghanaians your former Ministry, the Sports and Youth Ministry will make available to GFA, $9.6 million and you don't intend to ask the GFA to return it after it received its $8 million money from FIFA. We understand the Blackstars hotel bill and other expenses were even paid by FIFA so tell us what you did with the $9.6 million, the over $3 million collected by your so called Ambassadors towards the expenses for the 500 transported supporters to Brazil to go the stadium to cheer the team on but ended up like millions of Ghanaians in Ghana by watching the game on television. So we sent these Blackstars supporters to Brazil to watch television? Maybe televisions in Brazil show better pictures, what do I know. Mr Ankrah why did you and your paddy GFA boss, Nyantakyi renovate an abandoned community center in a village 45 minutes from Natal city center at cost almost $200,000 instead of a hotel. We heard of horrible stories about you personally that infuriated the Players to ban you from their camp and meetings because you were giving thousands of dollars to Ghanaian Journalists and spending thousands of dollars on your Actress girlfriend and that singer you were also bonking at a time when not a dime has been given to any of the Players and you were nowhere to be found when the Players needed you. The companies that even sent the supporters to Brazil like Kenpong Tours have come out and complained that they have not been paid. No wonder you are expanding vertically like mansion under construction. You and your buddy the GFA Boss, Kwesi Nyantakyi need to tell Ghanaians whether the Sports manufacturing company that clothed the team also paid $2 million to the team. Mr Ankrah, there are too many sordid and salacious stories swimming in the Korle lagoon stinky waters about you, you will do yourself a lot of good by financially accounting for your leadership of the contingent that went to Brazil. I will personally continue to write these articles until you and your paddy at the GFA account for every dime spent in Brazil so don't think this is just a storm that will blow over so you can wait it out. This is just the winds of a Tsunami so you better take a cover by telling us what happened to our money in Brazil. You are warned, come out with the truth, the whole truth and nothing else.