Dad Beats Man Caught Raping Son

A man who caught a man raping his son, 11, beat him up then called an ambulance to come and collect him from a “bloody puddle.” The Daytona-Beach News-Journal reports that the man, 35, who has not been identified, said he walked in while Raymond Frolander, 18, was allegedly abusing his son. The Florida man then called 911 to come and collect him. “I got him in a bloody puddle for you officer,” he told the operator. “Send an ambulance. He is going to need one.” The man was asked if he used any weapons to which he replied, “my foot and my fist.” Forlander’s mug shot shows him with several cuts, bruises and swelling to his face. He has been charged with s*xual battery on a minor. It is alleged that he had been abusing the boy for three years. The child told investigators that he was playing video games with friends but after the friends left, Frolander asked the boy to sit in his lap and then took him to a back room. Frolander then pulled the boy’s pants down and started abusing him. The father said he told Fronlander, who was a friend of the family, “You are damn lucky boy that I love my God.”