Get Employed Before Marriage – Female Graduates Advised

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Professor Dora Edu-Buandoh, has advised female graduates to endeavour to find some form of employment for themselves before venturing into marriage. That, she said, was good for self-dignity and respect. Professor Edu-Buandoh gave the advice at a reception organised for national service persons who did their national service at the Faculty of Arts at the UCC for the 2013/2014 academic year. “Do not say marriage is a job, it is not and the risk is very high as you can be fired at anytime,” she stated. She, therefore, advised the young female graduates to endeavour to find jobs for themselves before accepting to marry their lovers, no matter how wealthy or rich they might be. “Many of you by virtue of your education and status, might be suited by wealthy young men who promise to cater for all your needs after marriage, but accepting to marry them without a job as a female will make you totally dependent on the male and that is incompatible with self respect”, she added. Concerns raised Speaking to some of the concerns raised by the outgoing national service persons, the Dean said she would discuss with authorities of the university to see how best they could make the stay of national service persons at the university more enjoyable. Some of the service persons complained of lack of accommodation for them on campus during the national service period and the inconvenience they had to go through before receiving their allowance from the Cape Coast Metropolitan National Service Secretariat. Prof Edu-Buandoh responded by saying that the university used to accommodate its national service persons but the increase in the number of its members of staff had made it difficult for it to continue to do so. She said in place of the accommodation, the university paid some form of accommodation allowance known as “inconvenience allowance” to its national service persons. Concerning the issue of the inconvenience the national service persons had to undergo to receive their allowance, she promised to discuss it with the university authorities to see whether it was possible for the cheque for UCC national service persons to be sent to the university for it to, in turn, pay its national service persons. Aspire to greater heights The outgoing Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Edoh Torgah, advised the national service persons to aspire to greater heights in their academic pursuit and not to be satisfied with their first degrees. The Head of the Department of Communication Studies, Rev. Dr Phillip Arthur Gborsong, advised the national service persons to make Christ the pillar of all their endeavours in life. He said it was impossible for one to achieve success in life with his or her own might, adding that it was divine intervention that made many successful people to reach the heights they had attained.