I Was Addicted To Pornography and Wee Smoking � Yaw Siki Confesses

Former Hip life Artiste, Yaw Siki has advised young people to abstain from pornography and totally dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ. Yaw Siki made a resolution to stop writing secular music after he was involved in a fatal accident on April 15, 2013 on the Tema-Motorway road. Sharing his life changing story on Citi FM�s Traffic Avenue, Yaw Siki said though he use to be addicted to bad habits such as pornography and wee smoking, he had been liberated from them after developing a personal relationship with Christ. �There were some habits and sexual immoral stuff such as pornography that I was addicted to and because I was addicted to it I was writing songs like �wopedudu�� �The more I watched pornography, the more I wrote songs like that and the more it made me practice stuff like that because I had to practice what I was preaching,� he stated. Revealing other addictions he was prone to, the former hiplife artiste said�I use to smoke marijuana. I looked quite innocent back then but I will just go to a ghetto close to me and smoke marijuana. While I was smoking I knew I had to stop but I was still doing it because it was an addiction� Asked what motivated him to write those secular songs, he stated that his insatiable desire to be known and appreciated compelled him to do so. �At that time I was just a young guy who loved music, who knew how to write music and had been underground for so long, waiting for people to hear what was inside me. The experience was so nice when I knew people appreciated me for what I was doing.� He revealed that though his former career as a hip life artiste gave him so much exposure and introduced him to great people it was not a �fulfilling experience.� According to him, most of the bad habits he developed came from the hip pop songs that he listened to. Recalling the fatal accident he was involved in with another friend on the Tema Motoway in 2013, Yaw Siki said he was � totally off, blank and not in existence� when the incident suddenly happened. �I was just lying in my friend�s car dozing off when I heard him complaining about the reckless driving of another taxi driver. I suddenly went off, my mind was not working, my conscience was not working�,� he explained. �The next time my eyes open slightly, I was in so much pain and my friend was beside me consoling me.The next time I woke up I was feeling a bit cool, but when I finally got my eyes opened and the pains started resurfacing I noticed I had been involved in an accident. �The next thought that occurred to me was I could have died yesterday and if I died, was I ready to meet my maker, that was when I realized I need to change,� he added.