Kwaw Kese and Shatta Wale At War!

There seem to be a looming social media war ensuing between two kings of two different music genres in Ghana. King of the Street and CEO of MadTime Entertainment Kwaw Kese and Dancehall King Shatta Wale who is the leader of Shatta Movement (SM) are throwing words at each other on social media over Shatta Wale�s recent Visit to America for a tour. Last week Shatta Wale and his manager, Bulldog flew to USA to begin a much awaited tour where the �Enter the net� singer has been billed to perform to Ghanaians in the USA in different States. Shatta Wale�s constant recording of videos and taking of photos and frequent updates everywhere even to the extent of going sight-seeing at the White House and claiming he met Obama caught the of attention of many people on social media including Rapper Kwaw Kese. Kwaw Kese tweeted about Shatta Wale�s �JJC� (Jonny Just Come) behavior saying �Some of these GH artistes and act like as tourist. Lol�. Music Producer Hammer of the Last 2, came to Shatta Wale�s rescue saying he sees nothing wrong with an artiste acting like a villager in another country and then Shatta Wale�s manager Bulldog also threw in his reaction in defense of his artiste calling Kwaw Kese �dummy�. �Tourist comes out of the word Tour �We are on tour so we are tourists. Go back to school dummy. Lol�, Bulldog tweeted. Kwaw Kese came back to set the ball straight and tweeted �The Permit visa allows you to work as a performer. If you just wonna look around and take photos, you go for a Tourist Visa. #IGNORANCE.�. This is not there first time tension is mounting between the two camps. On November 26, 2012, Bulldog had a confrontation with Kwaw Kese�s manager the late Fennec Okyere during Joy FM�s "Night with the Stars" Inside the Dome at the Accra International Conference Centre. At the event, Kwaw Kesse stepped on a banner with the inscription: VIP, when he mounted the stage to perform. It was reported that Bull Dog, who managed VIP and the group members were not happy and confronted Kwaw Kese and Fennec over the issue. This resulted in some physical assaults and destruction of properties and several verbal exchanges on social media and mainstream media after the event. Another issue which brought tension between the two was some comments Fennec Okyere made during an entertainment discussion programme on Peace FM�s �Entertainment Review� about Shatta Wale�s behavior during the �Loud in GH� event on December 25 at the Accra Sports Stadium which Shatta Wale and Bulldog was not two pleased with. Both Kwaw Kese and Shatta Wale with his manager Bulldog are all currently in USA we hope this feud does not go beyond social media.