Fiifi Banson Concludes Prayer For Children In Virginia

We pray for ourselves, businesses, families, jobs and many others but prayers dedicated to children against mental, physical and spiritual challenges is something that Fiifi Banson has been inspired to champion. The idea has caught on so well with Ghanaian parents in the Diaspora such that after one of such successful programs in Ghana a special invitation was sent to Fiifi Banson and his team to come to Virginia. Almost every radio station in Virginia hosted the ace radio broadcaster from peace fm to talk about the idea behind such a laudable program. Ohemaa Mercy the gospel diva from Ghana who coincidentally happened to be on a tour in the United States volunteered to be part of this program and joined Mr. Banson to share her thoughts about the value of dedicated prayers for the children of today. Speaking on Manassas based highlife radio station prior to the program, Fiifi recalled how he started his career as a sports presenter on Radio Gold, and transitioned to entertained segment of peacefm . His 20 year career can be described as a success however as a man of faith he has been inspired to veer into this kind of ministry alongside show business. On Saturday, July 26th, the A and C banquet hall in Woodbridge Virginia was filled to capacity as many residents of the Washington Metro area joined hands to seek the face of God for their children. Mrs. Catherine Forson , founder of Ghana based prayer chain ministries lamented on how children had often been ignored in the quest to forge a relationship with their parents but has seen this movement as a new way of rekindling the spiritual relationship and bond that is needed in various homes and in the community Nana Kwame Akosah, known in show business as Papa Sheee who is now a pastor with a ministry in Virginia joined Rev. Thomas Ofosuhene , Rev. Manford and Rev Paitoo of Resurrection power ministries to lead the gathering to cry unto the almighty to intercede on behalf of the children. The testimonies that followed the night�s event caused an overflow at the banquet hall on Sunday July 27. A lady minister shared a testimony about how two of her children were born with autism and through dedicated prayers God had healed one of them so with that determination she joined the meeting believing for a miracle for the second one. Many others shared testimonies about how their wayward children had been delivered from satanic entanglements. Some children had also been detached from generational curses in the families. It was a sight to behold as the power of the Holy Spirit descended into the A and C banquet hall. Ohemaa Mercy's songs kept many people on their feet throughout the two day program. At the end the visibly shaken and elated Fiifi Banson expressed his appreciation to the various sponsors, including Regimanuel gray estates , Mrs. Jennifer Patterson and Ishark Ahmed who offered the hall for the program at no cost, the musicians, the radio stations , Afrikan Post newspaper and all others who contributed to the success of the program.