2012 Election Petition: Status of Recommendations for Electoral Reform

Ghana has an able-bodied, independent Electoral Commission (EC) and a relatively sturdy electoral system. However, as noted by the Presiding Judge in the 2012 Election Petition, the “petition exposed the need for CERTAIN electoral reforms”. One year after the determination of the election petition, OccupyGhana is using #RedFriday, August 29, 2014 to engage the Electoral Commission and other stakeholders on the subject of recommendations from the Supreme Court and other relevant quarters for electoral reform. OccupyGhana is mindful of the proven commitment of the EC to collaborate with the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) to initiate reforms meant to improve our electoral system after every general election. This notwithstanding, the grave need for consolidated reform based on broad consultation not only with IPAC, but also with all other stakeholders including Parliament and the voting public was amply highlighted by virtue of some of the unpardonable administrative and other errors that plagued the 2012 General Elections. It is therefore important for us to thoroughly interrogate the issue of electoral reform in a concerted manner and contribute ideas to help expedite action on the subject. Whilst the EC’s engagement with IPAC is commendable, given that general elections are not the preserve of only political parties but of all Ghanaians (including those who do not identify with any one particular political party), engagements such as the one being canvassed for by OccupyGhana is necessary to extract broad based ideas from the general public for electoral reform. Accordingly, OccupyGhana in collaboration with IMANI Ghana is organising a public forum on the subject of electoral reform. The general public is invited to join Professor H. Kwasi Prempeh, a renowned expert in Constitutional Law, who will deliver the keynote address and a panel of eminent Ghanaians who will lead a discussion on the topic, " The 2012 Election Petition: Status of Recommendations for Electoral Reform" at the Alisa Hotel, Accra on #RedFriday, August 29, 2014 at 9:00am. Wear your Red Voice this Friday and join OccupyGhana, IMANI and other well-meaning Ghanaians as we share ideas with the sole aim of strengthening our electoral system and consolidating our cherished democracy. ----SIGNED---- George Kojo Anti Executive Secretary (057-266-6256)