Akufo Addo Is The Man

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) will tomorrow surmount one critical hurdle towards choosing a flagbearer for the 2016 general elections. It is a process which will mark an important footprint in both the party�s history and the country�s overall democratic process which we are nurturing as a nation. Seven fantastic personalities with the party and the country�s interest at heart, put up their hands to be considered for leading the party in 2016 � a desire which has triggered the electoral exercise scheduled for tomorrow. We salute the courage exhibited by these fine gentlemen in putting out their names to uphold the interests of Ghana in general and the party in particular - gestures which have already been etched in gold in our political history. Their contribution towards the enhancement of our burgeoning democratic process by their action, cannot be marginalised. It is indeed worth doffing our hats for. Tomorrow�s exercise is intended to prune the number of contestants from seven to five, as stipulated by the party�s Constitution. Those whose names would be axed from the race at this stage are by no means political misfits. Equally capable of serving their nation, we can only ask that they join hands with the winner to deliver victory for the party in 2016. Having observed the developments on the ground, listened to the messages of the candidates and compared same against what delegates and Ghanaians on both sides of the political divide are posting, there is no contesting the fact that one of them emits unequalled attributes. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, towering over the others like a colossus, represents a national idea of restoring hope at a time when this virtue has diminished almost to an evaporating point: his name transcends the length and breadth of the country like wildfire during the harmattan. The idea he represents is neither limited to propping the interests of his family nor his political party, but a whole country in need of redemption and sincere assurance. He has put his integrity on the line to buttress his promises, vows of selflessness and commitment to a new Ghana he regards as sacred; this is the man we cannot turn our backs on. This gentleman, astute politician as he is, has shown sufficient evidence of commitment to undertaking the Ghana project. He is imbued with somewhat unrivalled experience of the political terrain, understanding of the challenges for the rather challenging task of reversing the misfortunes of the country. This is not the time to countenance risky experimentation: Ghanaians have suffered for far too long and would rely on the integrity of a Nana Akufo-Addo for an economic and political breakthrough. Having played our part over the years in the shaping of our country�s democratic process and counting, we cannot sit on the fence as our country stands at the crossroads of history. Nana�s fatherly counsel to a people on the verge of the precipice that there is hope for Ghana beyond the reign of corruption, bad governance and abuse of the rule of law and other blemishes, has provided hope and restored succour to forlorn Ghanaians. He will not only win in our estimation, but deserves to do so, considering the aforementioned factors and the fractured state of the country. At the end of the day when the predicted victory lands on his laps, it is our prayer that he reaches out to the other contestants with a view to having them join hands with him for the bigger electoral duel in 2016 so that the long lost smiles would be returned to the faces of his compatriots, regardless of their political allegiances.