Sanction MPs Who Neglect Their Constituents

The Tema East aspiring Propaganda Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr Kingsley Ohene has called for the sanctioning of Members of Parliament (MPs) who neglect their constituents. He said such a move would serve the people better instead of the long wait for another election to dislodge them, which is currently the only viable option. �Some MPs just take the people for granted. They ignore the needs of the people, let alone consult them for opinions on how they are representing them. Some are just in Parliament to enhance their personal economic and political circumstances. And when you ask them about what they have done for the people, they tell you that MPs do not bring about development�, Mr Kingsley Ohene, has said. In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Tema over the weekend, Mr Ohene said the Ghanaian human condition demands that MPs get actively involved in the shaping of the socio economic circumstances of the people through the initiation and provision of development-oriented programmes and projects. He said the use of technicalities and semantics to avoid the real needs of people is �something we as a people can no longer tolerate because if you hate our songs do not come to our festival.� Mr Ohene appealed to the NDC to close their ranks and help the President and his team through the challenges the economy was facing. He called on the Tema East delegates to have faith in the electorate because� we paid dearly for our complacency and not because they hate the NDC.� According to him, the true story of the party�s vision, mission and deeds would be told when he is elected.