5 Die After Eating Poisoned Dog

A man, his two children, and two others died in Odareko-Uchenyim village in Cross River State on Friday after eating the cooked flesh of a dog that had been poisoned. The dog had reportedly been a nuisance to villagers, as it frequently ate the eggs laid by a native chicken in the village, according to Vanguard. One of the villagers decided to get rid of the dog by poisoning it. The individual is said to have laced the eggs laid by the chicken with Gamalin 20 insecticide. When the dog ate the eggs, it fell ill, and when it was almost dead, its owner killed and cooked it as a delicacy. His family and neighbours ate the dog meat, including the intestines. They subsequently fell ill and were rushed to a nearby health center, where they were pronounced dead on arrival. A feeling of grief has descended on the entire village and people are deeply saddened by what took place as such a tragedy has not befallen them before, said one of the villagers. The deceased have been buried.