HIV Is Not A Death Warrant

Reverend Prophet Alexius Hubamoulda Jehu-Appiah, Founder and Life President of Alexius Life Opportunity Foundation, has noted that contrary to popular views, HIV is not a killer disease, but a virus that attacks the immune system. He said medical doctors should therefore explain to people living with HIV (PLHIV) that the ailment is not a “death warrant”. Rev Jehu-Appiah, made the observation during a sensitisation programme on communicable diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) and HIV and AIDS, held for a number of churches such as Mount Moriah Redeem Ministry, Methodist, Musama Disco Christo, Catholic and African Faith Tabernacle in the Gomoa West District of the Central Region. He said HIV could be managed with anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs and so people attacked by the virus should seek treatment. Rev Jehu-Appiah said PLHIV could prolong their lives, if they lead healthy lifestyles, eat balanced diet, exercise, and take ARV drugs as prescribed by their doctors. “The time that people die from HIV and AIDS are over,” he said Rev Jehu-Appiah advised HIV infected pregnant women to avail themselves of antenatal services and should be put on special ARV drugs to protect their unborn children from getting the virus. “It is not HIV that kills people but opportunistic infections as well as stigma, shame, discrimination, denial, inaction, mis-action, ignorance and in-adherence to medical rules and regulations,” he said. Rev Jehu-Appiah called on hairdressers, barbering saloons operators to sterilise their tools and use gloves to prevent HIV infections. He said people should also use condom when having sex, since unprotective sexual intercourse is one way of spreading the virus. Rev Jehu-Appiah appealed to public-spirited individuals and organisations to support the foundation in its programmes to create awareness, and promote care and support for PLHIV and STIs. Currently the foundation is catering for 50 PLHIV, 10 TB, and a number of STI patients.