Ghana Rugby Appoints Fundraising Director

The Ghana Rugby Football Association (GRFU) announced that it has appointed Mr. Sidney Yankson as Director: Fundraising. Following the successful completion of the very first Ghana Rugby Stakeholder Forum (GRSF) 2014 Mr. Herbert Mensah, newly elected President of the GRFU, said, “Ghana Rugby is entering the most challenging phase of its existence. After 11 years Ghana Rugby has no money in the bank, has no medium term contracted sponsors, is owed substantial money from the National Sports Authority (NSA), is not a full member of the IRB (International Rugby Board) which means development funding and the list goes on and on.” Mr. Mensah continued to say there is so much to do with so little time and money and that the appointment of Mr. Yankson is part of the Blueprint of Ghana Rugby to ensure that its vision and mission is achieved. “We have given Sidney a plane and asked him to take off and fly to great heights in terms of fundraising for Ghana Rugby while knowing that we have removed the landing gear, “ Mr. Mensah said. On accepting the appointment Mr. Yankson pledged to leave no stone unturned in finding the necessary financial and other resources to allow the Eagles to soar to unprecedented heights. “Fundraising is the responsibility of every member of the Ghana Rugby Family and it starts with living the values of Ghana Rugby and of creating and maintaining a positive image,” Mr. Yankson said. He continued to say that he has formed a core team to finalise presentations to potential sponsors and that meetings are being set up as he speaks. “We believe that we can add tremendous value to corporate Ghana’s promotional strategies through massive brand exposure and a very positive brand reinforcement with Ghana Rugby,” Mr. Yankson said. The GRFU Board has also not allowed any moss to gather and has set up various “Blueprint Project Teams” tasked to turn the Ghana Rugby Blueprint into reality. “We have asked all Associations and Clubs to identify possible sponsors on Club level and to discuss strategies on approaching the sponsors with Mr. Yankson and his Blueprint Project Team”, Mr. Mensah said. Two other project that are under development in the area of fundraising are firstly the implementation of a commission based scheme whereby fundraisers will be rewarded for their efforts and secondly the ‘Will you help Ghana Rugby?’ idea tabled at the GRSF 2014 by Mr. Yankson. “If every person within the Ghana Rugby Family sets him- or herself the objective to ask just one person or company this question per month Ghana Rugby will be developing a major network of well wishers that can be grown over time. The issue is not the amounts raised the first time, but the establishment of positive relationships that can be grown over time,” Mr. Yankson said.