‘We Raised GH¢4.5 Million For 2014 World Cup’ – Mr Nettey

Mr. Joel Nettey, Chairman of the Marketing Sub Committee of the Ghana Brasil 2014 World Cup Project, on Tuesday, told the Justice Senyo Dzamefe Commission that, his outfit raised 4.5 million cedis before the 2014 World Cup. “My Lord in a very difficult financial year such as 2014, my committee was able to raise such an amount to support Ghana’s participation at the World. “Despite the efforts of the committee, there was no applause from anywhere, rather, we have been accused of corruption by Ghanaians. “It’s unfortunate that in our part of the world, good deeds are written on water whilst bad deeds are written on brass”, he stated. According to Mr Nettey, some sports journalists must be called to order because they have been unprofessional in their conduct. He also denied the assertion that, the telecommunication companies stabbed the committee in the back, by running counter text and win promotions. “The telecommunications companies did not in anyway work against our fundraising activities. “My Lord, I don’t think the telecommunications did anything to stab us in the back. That will be an unfair statement because they did well by giving us the short code for our text and win promotion. Mr Nettey’s statement contradicts earlier presentation made by Mr. Fred Darko, Coordinator of the World Cup Project, who accused the telecommunications companies of working against their fundraising activities by organising a counter text and win promotion. According to Mr Nettey, he disagreed with the assertions of Mr Darko, adding that, their promotion received less patronage from consumers. “If consumers had participated in our promotion, we would have reached our target of four million cedis from the text and win promotion.” He said the Marketing Committee had to halt the promotion because daily inflows from the exercise was not impressive adding that, they were able to raise a meagre GH¢145,301.38 from the promotion.