On My Humble Mind: The Chaos In The NPP Must Stop

The 2016 general elections is only a shade away. The socio economic climate in the country is extremely debilitating for the Ghanaian. President Mahama and his NDC appointees continue to prove their incompetence in solving the myriad of problems confronting the country. Massive corruption, ineptitude, rising inflation, sky rocketing interest and exchange rates. The high cost of petroleum products, utilities tariffs and basic necessities of life have become out of reach for the Ghanaian. Insanitary conditions have also become more precarious across our cities and towns than ever before. We are recording cholera outbreaks with many deaths as mountains of refuse pile up in many communities. The quality of education is a pale shadow of what we expect. The results are evident as many of our children failed in their final WAEC examinations. Our road infrastructure is deteriorating with rapid abundance. The Suhum - Apedwa stretch road, our busiest high way road in the entire country has become a death trap. The president's promise to complete the "gang of four" roads is yet another unfilled promises of the NDC government. A disgraceful world cup outings in Brazil with many fall out being exposed at the Commission of Enquiry is disturbingly revealing. The nation is shocked in disbelieve as our resources are dissipated without heed nor hindrance. President Mahama's performance smark of nothing but incompetence and corruption. The country has been ushered into a state of hopelessness and despondency. The list is endless. The New Patriotic Party is the only alternative capable of reinvigorating the hopes of Ghanaian. The other opposition political parties are either enjoying very small electoral numbers or doing the bidding of the NDC. Ghana is obviously a nation in crisis. The government prefer to call it "challenges". The majority of the citizenry are reeling under very hash conditions. The government's response to these challenges is running with its tail between its legs to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with very unacceptable conditionalities which will definitely worsen the plight of the people. The New Patriotic Party's rule from 2001 to 2008 proved that the management of our country can be bettered whenever given the opportunity. We successfully weaned the country from the IMF and introduced many pro poor policies. The economic saw an appreciable improvement in many sectors. Ghana attained a middle income status under the NPP after a 19 year rule of the PNDC/NDC. The NPP was able to achieved all these and more within our 8 years in government, even after almost 30 years in the political wilderness. Instead of positioning ourselves once more to be entrusted with the governance of this country, our internal wranglings seems to be taken the centre stage of the nation's attention. The election of our party's flagbearer has become a turf war in the media. We are quick to denigrate each other in the full glare of the public. Who is to bell the cat ? Every one of us has a rule to play if we are to improve on our electoral fortunes. As liberal democrats, we should accept that choices as to who lead the party into the 2016 election must not become a fighting contest. All our candidates have shown that they each have very solid vision to help transform the country given the opportunity. Each have indicated their resolve to help mend our differences and work together to achieve success in the 2016 elections. All indications show that Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo is clearly in the lead to win the 18th October 2014 Delegate elections. He has stated emphatically that he is ready to contest every other Aspirant. Let us engage in healthy campaign for the benefit of us all. Some members may share a different opinions and views expressed but this is the beauty of democracy. Denigrating Nana Akufo Addo by those who support Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng and vice versa in the full glare of the public is our biggest bane. We are never going to gain any political mileage in this country with this type of attitude. It is within the right of Mr. Alan Kyeremateng to offer himself to be voted for on the 18th October, 2014. We should embrace him in healthy interractions as much as he should check the posture and utterances of those who purport to speak on his behalf. We should accept and respect his views, those views should be made without sounding an attack on any other contestant. He should speak to issues and indicate what he will do to enhance the party's electoral fortunes and salvage the people of Ghana from the current economic situation when given the mandate. What some other aspirants did or did not do has no bearing on our own vision to transform the party into an election wining machine to win the 2016 election. We should all weigh our attitudes and ensure that our utterances will be beneficial to the common good of the party. There is no reason to break the pot before mending same after the 18th October elections. We should all agree that it is for our own collective good to show respect, decorum and circumspection towards one another. It is increasingly becoming difficult to address any party issues within the strict applications of the rules without courting the displeasure of or an attack from some other members depending on whose ox is being goad. We dissipate much more energy in our internal wranglings, focusing needless media attention to ourselves with all the wrong reasons. If we light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten our own paths as well. Let us not be too quick to make this party lose its relevance in the political space of this country. The unnecessary suspicion and the self seeking interest of some us in the party must give way to healthy debate, cooperation and togetherness. We need to trust each other to be able to unite to "fight" the NDC The chaos in the party must stop or we risk staying longer in opposition than we already have to. Thank you. By: Fred Amankwah-Sarfo. (Member, N.P.P)