My Husband Keeps Me Trendy

Award Winning gospel singer, Herty Borngreat, maintains a type of taste of trendy fashion that does not make her look like the mother of six, but rather a young married woman yet to give birth. Known as ‘The Lady With The Holy Swagg’, Herty has physical looks that have always remained a subject of public discussion. Some have even doubted if she indeed has six children. NEWS-ONE put the question to her on how come she always looks trendy despite her number of children, and she said her husband played a direct role in the way she looks. “It all started after I got married. Before then, I had not even worn a weave-on or synthetic hair. I was just a very simple girl doing my own thing in my own small way. It could be because I was born and raised in a mission house and it was not easy for me to wear jeans trousers and such things. I never wore them until I got married and my husband said I should start wearing them because he wants me to look very nice for him. He even had to force me to go to the salon to do my hair. I was a university graduate but I was not really into fashion. Hope you get me?” Herty disclosed. She recently made history by becoming the first Ghanaian musician to cross a million likes on facebook. Her page, ‘Herty Borngreat Music’, was created less than two years ago—in the latter part of 2012—and is mostly filled with photos of the musician, updates on her concerts, daily Christian messages, words of encouragement and inspirational quotes which attract thousands of likes and comments on a daily basis. Hitting over a million likes from a global audience, ranks Herty Borngreat among the likes of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerian actress Omotola, Pastor E. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, who also earned a million likes on his facebook page in 2014, six years after it was created in 2008