Boy Killed And Used As Meat for Pepper Soup by Grandmother

A paternal grandmother and two others have been arrested for allegedly killing her grandson and using his corpse to cook pepper soup. The incident reportedly occurred in Koso Village, Niger State, according to Vanguard. Reports state that the late boy, Liman Doo Mohammed, mysteriously disappeared last month. His family reported his disappearance to police. During investigations, an undisclosed source told police that the boy�s paternal grandmother, Fatima Sarki should be questioned, as she was the last person to be seen with him. Sarki was eventually arrested, along with two other relatives of the boy. She reportedly confessed that she had taken part in slaughtering her grandson, and accused a woman named, Amina Musa, of helping to cook the body as part of a pepper soup delicacy. All arrested persons have been charged to court �on a three count charge of criminal conspiracy, culpable homicide and cannibalism.� �The pots and plates the suspects used in cooking and serving themselves with the said cooked human flesh were recovered and are now exhibits,� said Niger State Commissioner of Police, Olusola Amore.