Klottey Korle NPP Endorses Akufo-Addo

Ghana, a country that was a few years back, readying for a major economic take off, has today become a mockery in the eyes of the world. To say that we are stagnant as a nation would be understating the fact. Because the truth of the matter is that our beloved nation is not only set in reverse gear but also on cruise control. Today, we the Ghanaian people are living witnesses to the NDCs gross incompetence and massive corruption. What is more? Our President, John Dramani Mahama, says he won't listen to our cries. 'Yentie obiaa' he calls it. When a government performs poorly and is embroiled in so much corruption, with the head rubbing it in by dancing to tunes of 'ede bee keke' and 'yen tie obiaa' the result is inevitable: CHANGE! CHANGE!! CHANGE!!! The Ghanaian people are yearning for a change of government. They are hungry and thirsty to see their beloved country working again. They are anxious to see Ghana's economy restored to normalcy. The question who are the alternative to replace the incompetent NDC needs no brain cracking. The New Patriotic Party is. We are the people that the Ghanaian people are looking up to and we in Klottey Korle, Osu, the heartbeat of our country, are not left out in that task. We are relentless in our quest to see the Osono back in power. The question who should sit on the Osono to battle the the incompetent, corrupt and mediocre NDC in the 2016 election is to be answered in a couple of days. We in Osu are not oblivious of what is happening in the rest of our country. The sentiments from Yapei Kosogu, Ahanta, Bechem, Hohoe, Komenda, Bole Bamboi, Keta, Asowasi, Ejura, Berekum, Swedru, Kayoro, Abetifi, Donkokrom, and everywhere else, are loud enough and we in Osu have heard. The Chorus is loud and clear enough. The people are unwavering and unanimous in their decision. The theme is set out in black and white. The name is NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFO-ADDO. Klottey Korle endorses same. We respect the voices and whispering of our people - the people that made us leaders of the constituency. We turn in the direction that they continue to ask us to turn. They tell us every day to make sure that Nana leads our party for the 2016 elections. They say 'No Nana no vote'. Their message to us is too powerful we cannot discount. It is too strong we cannot ignore. We have decided to do as they request of us. The people in our constituency say they want Nana and we are hereby responding by saying we will bring Nana. All three gentlemen vying to lead our party are capable of doing so. But we must look to who is well marketed to win us power in 2016. Nana Akufo-Addo is today a household name. He commands more respect and goodwill than any other Ghanaian today. He is a gift for our party and at this crucial time in our history, we will not let him slip us by. Osu is standing firmly behind him and wish the other aspirants the best of luck as well. We are one family and we should remain so throughout the contest and beyond. May the best person win. May the NPP win. May Akufo-Addo win. God bless our great Elephant Party. God bless Ghana and the Ghanaian people. Thank you!!!