I'm Ready To Face The Commission ... Grunsah Declares

Chairman and bankroller for Kumasi based King Faisal Alhaji Karim Grunsah has declared himself ready to meet the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Brazil 2014 World Cup. The renowned football administrator appeared before the Justice Dzamefe led Commission on Monday as a friend of the Commission but could not help but declared himself ever ready to facing the lordships to give his own testimony. "My lord I thought this Commission was set up to look into matters relating to the World Cup but I've been observing your proceedings with keen interest and I keep hearing people talk about football development and I think if that's part of your job then I declare myself ready to also testify," Grunsah said. "Yes Alhaji the Commission is about the World Cup like you rightly said but our mandate also gives us the powers to looking into other issues like how to improve on our systems and other matters," Justice Dzamefe answered. "Alhaji there's evidence before us here that some teams even pay their players GHC 100 a month and I don't think it's the best and since you are into football yourself I believe you can help us but we wouldn't want you to bring other matters here please," Justice Dzamefe added. "My lord I even pay my players GHC 80 a month and I can explain. Before every season, I use gate proceeds from my home games against Kotoko, Hearts of Oak and Ashgold to draw my budget but now you can play a match and what you'll get from the gate is as little as GHC 6 and I can tender receipt to that in evidence here," Grunsah noted. The Commission granted Alhaji's heart desire and ask him to make appearance on Wednesday 8th October, 2014.