Golden Tulip Reacts To Workers Allegation

The Management of Golden Tulip, Accra, has emphasized that the workers of the hotel do not work under �poor working service conditions.� A statement issued by the management of the hotel and signed by Mr Francis Deyegbe, Acting General Manager, said on the contrary, workers of the hotel were one of the best paid in the hotel industry. It said over the past few weeks there were allegations of unpaid salaries, health bills and scholarships, employee welfare and general conditions of service. The statement said negotiations over salary increases for this year has not commenced because, the leadership of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union and the Local Union Executives have called for the completion of a job evaluation and placement exercise as a prerequisite to negotiating their salary increases. It said three senior management personnel were assaulted and abducted by seven thugs, who the police investigations later revealed were invited by the Local Union Executives. �Management decided to initiate disciplinary action against the employees involved in the incidents in accordance with the Collective Agreement, but the employees embarked on a violent illegal strike in solidarity with the Local Union Executives,� it added. The statement said workers continued to prevent Management from coming to work with the threat of causing harm and �bloodshed.� It said on September 17, this year, Management obtained a court injunction restraining the Industrial Commercial Workers Union and the Local Union Executives from interfering with the Management of the Hotel. It said the Union has been contacted to intervene to resolve the situation; however, there has been no response from them to date. The statement said the employees of the Hotel enjoyed competitive conditions of service, and the Hotel has been able to retain over thirty-three per cent of its workforce for fifteen years and over. Some of the benefits employees enjoy includes annual salary increases, annual bonus, interest free loans, educational scholarship for their wards in SHS and University, private medical insurance, equivalent of $5,000 retirement benefit in addition to the Provident Fund, yearly shoe allowance and clothing allowance for non-unionised staff. It assured the public that management was taking all necessary action to restore calm and order at the Hotel.