Movie Producer Wanted To Have Sex With Me � Beauty Queen Confesses

Several people in the entertainment industry have pointed accusing fingers at Film Producer, Directors, Music Producers among others for demanding sex from females in the entertainment industry before they engage them in any field of endeavor within the industry. The latest to make such allegations is 2009 Ghana�s Most Beautiful queen Lamisi Sam Awinongya. Lamisi who is also a philanthropist claims she had similar encounter with some male Movie Producers. She said indeed some producers bonk actresses before assigning them movie roles. In a lengthy message on Facebook, the beauty queen turned actress disclosed that her experience made her lose interest to be an actress. Read Lamisi's controversial Facebook message below: �Had to write this about Big Akwes because of what I see in my news feed about his 2 years sanction for saying the directors/producers in the movie industry bonk actresses before giving them roles. I feel sorry for him because I know if it was the big actors who said this, it wouldn�t have gone far like his own�I hear he apologized and even this said video came out 4 months ago and now that the TV station is burnt, who will speak for him? Women are exposed to sexual harassment at most places of work and the movie industry is no exception�but I can boldly say that yes it happens there since someone tried to use that on me and that killed my enthusiasm on going full time into movies. We have wonderful directors and producers too, example Vincent Agbelengor Akiti ifeanyi okwem,Kobi Rana, Pascal and we have the shameless ones killing talents of young better actresses but because they have decided not to play ball, no role is given to them so they sit back and watch others come on TV reading script and calling it acting. Let�s stop the hypocrisy for once and let this man those holding this issue like world cup, what is your fear, like he said �if you say is not true,let�s use antoa� why not go to him so you go there? At least that will bring faster results and we will get to see the rot in the industry but if is just to pull him him off the scene because he exposed something all fear to say, just remember that �WOULD YOU HAVE DONE IT IF HE WAS YOUR BROTHER�????��..He who the cup fits, let him wear it�Thank you�. (Find the video and watch so you place your judgment)�. It started with female Gospel musician Anita Afriyie who alleged in an interview with Razz Newspaper that some male music producers sleep with female gospel musicians before they accept to invest in their talents. Kumawood actor Big Akwes has also made emphatic accusation that all movie producers have sex with actresses in exchange for movie roles during an interview on Royal TV in Kumasi which has attracted several backlashes leading to his two years sanction by the Film Producers Associations of Ghana (FIPAG). TV host and actress Nikki Samonas confirmed on Radio Univers days ago that the act of producers taking advantage of actresses before casting them for movies happens in the industry. Nikki Samonas further revealed that it happened to her but she never gave in for the producer to achieve his aim.