I Took $577,500 As Appearance Fee For Management Members - GFA Scribe

Mr. Emmanuel Gyimah, General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) on Tuesday, told the Justice Senyo Dzamefe Presidential Commission of Inquiry,that he received an amount of $577, 500 as appearance fee for seven management committee members of the Black Stars during the 2014 Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). According to Mr. Gyimah, the amount covers appearance fees of the management committee members for the group matches of the World Cup. Mr. Gyimah, on the contrary said that, though the amount covered seven management committee members, only five management committee members were present at the World Cup. According to Mr. Gyimah, the amount which represents $82,500, for each of the seven management committee members was given to the president of the GFA, Kwesi Nyantakyi. Mr. Gyimah, said, the amount was given to him after he presented an ´┐ŻAuthority Note´┐Ż signed by Nyantakyi to the Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. He stated that, he had no knowledge of how the money was used after handing it over to Nyantakyi, adding that he only acted as the messenger. The General Secretary said that , payment of appearance fee in future should be made after the competition, when funds from the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) had arrived. Mr. Gyiamah, said there was no need for the government to pre-finance the payment of appearance at competitions taking into considerations the economic condition of the country.