Former Board Member: Vincent Kuagbenu Blocked NSS Board From Working

A former board member of the National Service Secretariat (NSS), Dr. David Percy has alleged that former NSS director, Vincent Kuagbenu, prevented the board from possibly uncovering the rot at the secretariat. He claimed that Kuagbenu systematically blocked the board from undertaking any inquiry into illegal financial dealings at the NSS. Investigations by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) have revealed that about GHC 7.9 million was paid to over 200,000 non-existing national service personnel. Kuagbenu “had systematically blocked the board from knowing about the workings of the scheme.” “There are forces in this country who will like us to restrict this thing to just last year or just national service,” he added. The current director, Alhaji Alhassan Imoro and some 23 Directors of the scheme attempted to cover up their shady deals by bribing BNI investigators with GHC 100,000. Following these revelations, the NSS Governing Board on Friday directed the Alhaji Imoro and all officers implicated in ongoing investigations by the BNI to step aside. Although the board has taken preliminary action against indicted officers, some have suggested that the board itself be dissolved since they are ultimately responsible for the operations of the secretariat. But Dr. Percy rubbished such calls, describing them as misplaced because according to him, the board was carrying out its own internal investigations. On Citi FM’s news analysis programme, The Big Issue, he recalled that “there were sufficient members from the past board who knew enough about what was going on” which prompted them to inform all relevant authorities including the late President John Mills. The former NSS board member authoritatively stated that ongoing investigations by the BNI was instigated by the board, but “the board chair could not say so and she will not say so.” Dr. Percy disclosed that the past board put together a comprehensive report which was initially intended to be submitted to the Education Minister and also, for the attention of the President. But the said report was later handed over to the current board “so there are enough information.”