Kwamena Duncan Charges Striking Workers: Stand Up And Protect Your Interest

The Central Regional Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwamena Duncan has charged public sector workers to continue to "protect their interest", ensuring that their pension contributions are not mismanaged by the government. Addressing the hullabaloo surrounding the second tier pension contributions of the workers, Kwamena Duncan bemoaned the government's failure to account for the monies that the workers have contributed to the pension scheme since the inception of the NDC government. According to him, the workers should make relentless demands for the pensions to be accounted for by the authorities of the scheme. “Workers; our interest is in our hands today. If we do not stand and protect our interest, I tell you it will not take government to defend; to protect our interest. It won’t take government.” Critically assessing the issues, the NPP guru stressed the need for the workers' second tier pension contributions should be put in the custody of a private entity. According to him, putting it in the hands of the private entity will help boost the private sector. “The Regulatory Authority will be there, to be on your neck, to control; to ensure that you’re monitored every step of the way. “We need to take a deep look at this big disparity, inequity in pensions...As a country, as a people; we must look at measures” to adopt towards nation building. “It will not matter to become a politician to be able to have a secure pension. It will not matter whether you’re a politician. Wherever you are, serve Ghana and Ghana will appreciate your effort,” he said.