I Support Workers' Strike Wholeheartedly Until... - Atik Mohammed

Atik Mohammed, Policy Analyst of the People's National Convention (PNC), has lauded public sector workers in the country for embarking on strike action against the Government of Ghana. Making his submissions on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo", the PNC devotee urged the workers not to discontinue the strike until the government transfer their pension contributions into the occupational scheme account set up to administer the fund. According to him, the monies will be safe in such account. "So,their strike is called for. I support it. There must be fairness in the treatment of labour. You cannot treat one sector of labour fairly and the other, you treat them unfairly," he stated. Expounding further, he accused the government of breaching the law saying Section 218 (sub-section 4) of the Pension Act indicates that "90 days after registration and licensing of the occupational schemes, the government must put the money in their accounts." To him, the authorities' failure to put the monies under the custody of the workers demonstrates that Mahama government is not concerned with the well being of the workers. “This government has demonstrated by several incidents and examples that it is insensitive. It is wicked and at every time, when it gets an opportunity; the government wants to defraud Ghanaian workers. “In fact it’s the workers that should be taking the government to court and not the other way round because you breached the Act…For me, I support this strike wholeheartedly until government refund the monies to public workers".