Volta Youth Mad At Mahama

The youth of the Volta Region resident in Accra have expressed disappointment in President John Dramani Mahama for failing to address economic challenges confronting their region. According to them, since his assumption of office, Mr Mahama has not carried out a single development project within the region widely perceived to be the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC’s) stronghold. Wilson Marfo Kpakpladja, Research Fellow of Volta Caucus-Greater Accra, an umbrella body representing the youth of the Volta Region in the Greater Accra Region, speaking at a press conference under the theme, “Volta Region Abandoned by John Mahama’s Government”, on Wednesday in Accra, said the only thing that Voltarians have received from President Mahama has been empty promises and assurances. The press conference was organised to register the displeasure of Voltarians at the Mahama-led NDC government for its failure to deliver on its numerous promises. “Enough of the deception and the propaganda; it’s high time the government “walked the talk,” said Mr Kpakpladja. “The region’s loyalty, commitment and support for NDC, most particularly the John Mahama administration, has not benefited it when it comes to sharing of the national cake,” the aggrieved youth said, adding, “We are disappointed in Mahama and his NDC administration.” Bad Roads He disclosed that major road networks within the region were in bad condition, a situation he claimed was “placing the lives of the people in the region in danger.” “The eastern corridor road for instance is a death trap. Many people have lost their lives through accidents on that road,” he noted, adding that “the pretentious work on that part of the road has worsened the situation.” According to him, residents of communities in the region, especially those of “Akatsi South, Battor, Manfi Adidome, Tefle Avega to Avedakpla Afiadenyigba” are victims of what he described as the “bad roads in the region.” Adomi Bridge Wilson Marfo Kpakpladja could not fathom why the reconstruction of the Adomi Bridge, “which was supposed to last for about six months, has been extended to 24 months.” Exploitation He bemoaned the exploitation of Voltarians as a result of the delay in completing the reconstruction of the bridge. According to him, “Vehicles which used to pay between GH¢1 and GH¢5 as toll on Adomi Bridge are now paying between GH¢10 and GH¢15 for crossing by ferry. Meanwhile the drivers have passed on the charges to the passengers in the form of high charges, therefore making life unbearable and costly for the people.” He also lamented the falling standards of education in the region, couple with high youth unemployment. “Nothing seems to be working in the region. The just released BECE results are a clear indication of the falling standards of education in the region,” he said.