Joseph Benjamin Warns The Media To Stay Away From His Relationship

Popular Actor and MTN Project Fame host, Joseph Benjamin has warned the Nigerian media from prying into his relationship status. The father of two who separated from his wife in 2012 told Nigeria films ďI have always told the press to stay away from my personal life. I have crossed a line there. Itís a no go area. I love you guys (press), you make us (the celebrities) what we are today but we should try to respect each otherís boundaryĒ He further cleared the air on his failed marriage. ďA lot was misconstrued and I will not hold anyone responsible for it because everyone is entitled to their opinion, and for me, I believe that when you embark on a journey like that, it is something that, it requires the two people involved to have a certain form of understanding. Let me go a bit spiritual with you here. The Bible says can two work if they do not agree? ďSo there should be some form of agreement. You guys should have this certain joint that kind of links you up together and if to an extent itís not there and one feels that there is a need for you to like maybe, move on, letís be mature about this, let things go in a very calm and subtle manner. So thatís basically it,Ē he explained.