“Women Are The Worst Culprits Of Rape’’ – Akua Donkor

Leader and founder of the Ghana Freedom Party, Akua Donkor has insisted that women and not men are culprits of most rape cases in the country. Speaking on crystal TV’s Saturday morning show, she emphasized that seductive dressing by women as against the traditional style of dressing where young ladies cover up their vital body parts was the underlying factor for her strongly held assertion. She explained that by God’s creation, men are sexually stimulated whenever they see some naked parts of a woman and shouldn’t be blamed when women stir their passions into committing the legally repugnant act. She stated that such acts of rampant rape cases didn’t occur in the past because of strict traditional practices that tabooed certain styles of dressing and amorous relationships among the youth. She recounted when she was treated to her puberty rites when she was young and how young women, who got themselves pregnant before their rights, were subjected to ritual purifications and public scorn as deterrent for sexual immorality. She believed this was a solution which sufficed the nation going back to readopt for sanity to prevail as existed in past indigenous Ghana. Kumasi based Ultimate Radio is now Ultimate fm and a big launch is expected to hit the city of Kumasi and the Ashanti region in December. For now, the station is on test transmission while serious rebranding is ongoing. Ultimate fm Experience it! Further advising the courts, she indicated that there still remained some men who she describes as evil who will rape anything even if they were dressed covered to their feet and needed to be severely punished. She prescribed that people arrested for raping young children and babies should be treated as murderers and prosecuted on murder charges. Dropping a hint on her strong message for election campaign 2016 she indicated, she will offer some respite to importers by scrapping import duties which she described as astronomical and. unreasonable. She tabled that she will be introducing free education across board for every Ghanaian school going child and urged the citizenry to keep procreating against what she described as the lousy theories of family planning and family economic management. Madam Akua Donkor further stated she will build strong ties with her fellow woman and queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth to strengthen trade between Ghana and Briton. She added she would explore options with the queen to change Ghana’s currency from the cedi back to the pound sterling; a move she believes will enrich the nation and spare Ghana the headache of currency depreciation. On oil and gas, the outspoken presidential hopeful stated that she would adopt the Muammar Gaddafi style of O&G management where Ghanaians would be trained to drill, sell and management its oil resources without expatriate involvements.