Is Asiedu-Nketia’s Reverence In NDC A Reality Or Myth?

Asiedu Nketiah, also known as General Mosquito, is a fine politician, who has come a long way to commanding troops of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). His wittiness and sense of humor liaise with what we refer to as home sense has seen him rise so quickly, endearing him into the minds and hearts of not only members of the NDC, but Ghanaians. His is one of those rare stories of people, who come from nowhere to become leaders who command such n large following that, you cannot but conclude that they are born leaders. From being a palm wine tapper, to a teacher, to bank manager, albeit a rural bank, to a Member of Parliament and now General Secretary of a ruling party. You have to admire his resilience and sense of purpose in life. He is among those people that when you are compelled to write anything about, you stop to ask yourself, whether you are right or wrong. But in leadership, one is always prone to criticism that unfortunately it is the sad aspect of being a leader. I wish the General will accept my observation in good faith and see it as coming from a concern member of the party, who admires him, respects him, and want his name to be ingrain on the walls of NDC offices across the country, as the most bravest and successful General of all time. To say General Mosquito is fearful is an understatement, in fact he is now the heart beat of NDC, that is why not many people have stuck their necks out to contest him, when the party opens nomination for the election of national officers. All the executive positions are being contested for, the party Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei ,hav about three people, who have declared their intentions to contest him, the organizer, yaw Boateng Gyan, is also slugging it out with Kofi Adams, Ludwig Hlodze, the Youth Organiser is also facing stiff competition from about four formidable guys, all the other positions have contenders, except General Mosquito. The question is, is Asiedu Nketiah’s reverence a myth or reality? This is a difficult question to answer considering the fact that, nobody has commissioned any serious research into it. I can only hazard a guess and that is what I am doing. The former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwawdo Owusu Afriyie, also known as Sir John, is the reason why General Mosquito, is one of the formidable forces in the NDC. Like Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr, whose claim to fame was his incessant attacks on former President Jerry John Rawlings, who seemed to know more than him, General Mosquito’s popularity was as a result of Sir John’s ineptitudes. Anytime, General Mosquito speaks, before people could digest it and ask, why he speaks like that, Sir John will come and make nonsense of what General Mosquito has said. At a point there were competing with each other over, who can be speak the most foul language. It was like a competition for who can fool the most. At all the instances Sir John overtake General Mosquito, making him (Mosquito), look as white as an Angel. During the eight months election petition at the Supreme Court by three leading members of the NPP, there was an intense lobbying by the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) calling on the media to stop giving mileage to the intemperate words of the two general secretaries in the election petition being heard by the Supreme Court. This call was backed by many including, a former president of the Greater Accra regional branch of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), Sam Akudzeto, Executive Director of the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDG), Dr Emmanuel Akwetey, Member of Parliament (MP), for Aburi-Nsawam, O.B. Amoah, and Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Malik Kweku Baako, who also felt the two gentlemen should be blacklisted. These calls did not go unchallenged by the two disgruntled gentlemen, who felt it was against their right to free speech. Week in, week out and anytime the two are called on radio, they make mockery of each other and our democracy, if you doubt me just google the names of the two gentlemen and you will agree with me that the country has been put on the edge by the two. Thank God, the delegates of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), were awoken, although late in the day to realize that Sir John, was part of the reason Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, lost the 2012 elections. Discerning people, who do not vote on party lines, but are persuaded by the utterances and actions of party executives, also listen to debates and follow what happens on our airwaves, so whoever speaks for the party must watch and choose his language well. Between Sir John and General Mosquito, comes across as the most reasonable and mature of the two. The NPP, went to Tamale and nailed Sir John’s coffin, getting rid of a nuisance that has plagued this country since 2010, in came Kwabena Agyepong, with a new direction and reasoning. No doubt Kwabena Agyepong is an astute and cunning politician, who comes across as a very good communicator; he is a level headed politician, who can convince anybody, regardless of political persuasion to go with his choice. He is a new face of politics in the country, he is very good at what he does, very articulate and could spell doom for the NDC in the 2016 election. Just imagine him and General Mosquito, approaching an undecided voter, who is literate and understands issues of governance, who among the two, will make sense to that person or convince that person to vote for their party? Your guess is as good as mine. Asiedu Nketia has cut a niche for himself, one that connote talking ‘shit’ or using unsavory words, against his opponent. Will Asiedu Nketia, change his style of communication or still be talking like he is still in the ring with Sir John? It will be more catastrophic than a catastrophe if, for instance General Mosquito continues talking like he used to, when Sir John was the General Secretary of the NPP. He needs a new approach as Kwabena Agyapong, comes with something new, than the insult that he is used to. His answers to some nagging issues affecting the party, leaves much to be desired. I do not want to give examples, as that will mean, I will need a week to put everything together, as well as 1000 page newspaper to publish it. I still believe, he has done so much for the NDC and still has a lot in his belly, but he needs a change of style.