Is This My Mother Ghana..Where's My Passport??? I Want To Travel

If a lady could take cocaine, wrap it, put it in bags and in her luggage, take her bath in the house or wherever, then dress up, hop into a car, drive to the airport, remove her luggage for inspection, pass it through security apparatus without even a tinge of suspicion; Then finally gets into a plane, the plane moves high into the sky, the pilot signals the passengers to take the precautionary measures. Then she flies her way over the sea to Heathrow Airport in another man's land, United Kingdom. She then gets off the flight, same procedures; walk straight into inspection, remove her luggage, pass it through scans, then the security officers blurt out Cocaine! Cocaine!! Cocaine!!! Then, we realize she had a Ghanaian diplomatic passport. The passport now transforms into Austria diplomatic passport. Then she is arrested and 12.5kgs of cocaine worth 5 million dollars found on her. Then government spin doctors start their twists & turns???? If a woman can pass cocaine through Kotoka International Airport (KIA), then EBOLA should be the least of our worries!!! Nobody is calling for any Ebola virus to escape security detection but the worry is who gave the lady a pass? Is it because she reportedly possessed a diplomatic passport, that's why she qualified to travel without a thorough search or rather a thorough search was conducted but ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) put the lights out? But I know KIA has a stand-by plant that when lights go off, they still operate and if they don't; God have mercy. I am worried that we couldn't even detect 12.5kgs of cocaine on a lady but we pontificate that Ghana is fully ready to fight Ebola cases. I am worried that we couldn't detect bags or parcels of cocaine on a lady but we're confident to fight major crimes. KIA has been a bone of contention, I believe, in the minds of several Ghanaians for years. I remember one day, my colleagues and I went to the arrival hall of KIA to wait on a guest and Beloved; it was an eyesore. While standing there in the midst of several others who had also found their way into the arrival hall, I couldn't distinguish the Makola Market from our plush Kotoka International Airport. Queuing in rows and some voice mail which I could barely hear alerting us about the flight arrivals of our guests. In fact, as I stood there; I thought the announcer had been fasting for decades because I could barely hear her announce the flights that had arrived. These are but a few lapses at KIA. However, significantly, if computers and scanners could allow cocaine to enjoy a living in a plane till it was short-lived at the Heathrow airport; then Ghana is in big trouble. Yeah! Big trouble; troubles that should be addressed by those who are supposed to know better… God Help Ghana!