Our Parliamentarians, Have Lost Their Credibility

Having monitored the output of our Members of Parliament on vital national issues, the Movement for Justice and Equal Rights is deeply disappointed at the high level of lack of nationalism and patriotism on the part of our legislators. To set the records straight, they are there for their selfish interests but not for those who voted for them. Firstly, our MPs showed no concern at all when the Executive arm of government struck the payment of allowances to Teacher Training College and Nurses' Training College students. On top of this, government refusal to pay teachers their salary arrears accumulated for more than two years should have pricked them to act. After several interventions by the GES, the government finally came out to pay only three months out of the accumulated arrears and Members of Parliament have still not talked about the issue. With this in mind, Ghanaians woke up to have a shock of their lives when the Daily Graphic published a story concerning the newly refurbished chamber in Parliament. The chamber was decorated with new seats imported from China and this even raises eyebrows. This importation is a clear indication to all meaning Ghanaians that the President himself does not believe in Ghana and he was only joking in propagating his so-called 'buy made in Ghana'. Our movement strongly believes that some government officials benefitted from the deal, whilst Parliament; both Majority and Minority did nothing to save the nation from importing the good for nothing-seats. We recall with fond memories the contributions made by Hon. J.H Mensah and Dr.Kofi Konadu Apraku, Hawa Yakubu and so on who enriched proceedings in Parliament and kept the then government on its toes to the interests of Ghanaians. It is now a fact that most MPs have lost their credibility and have lost touch with the grassroots. By Dr. Ben Ali Co-ordinator for MJE Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Western Region. 0243107721