Wise Men, Where Are You?

A world ruled by social media somewhat is not one to be toyed with the way government machinery appears to be managing the cocaine conundrum. Throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians as a means of concealing facts is not a sustainable and productive occupation because it would not be long before the truth is out. President John Mahama should be deluding himself if he thinks the propaganda machinery he has activated to prop his wobbling administration can be of assistance in the Ruby cocaine affair. As a saga, it has shaken the foundation of his government in a manner unrivalled in recent times, if not the political history of this country. Cocaine is now a refrain in the country, as government appointees, with a penchant for twisting facts and lying, continue to search for an antidote to the image challenge they have been enmeshed in by Ruby’s greed and exploits. These are indeed not halcyon days. Let them convince us, if they can, that Ruby did not draw from state power as she headed for her Waterloo. We are standing by for a response. The pieces are coming together and very soon we should have a better picture of how some personalities would have probing questions to answer. Until such a complete picture is presented to us, let us relish the knee-jerk and senseless reactions by government as it dissolves the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) and prepares to throw more dices. If that is a bid to shore up a dwindling public confidence in government and win international credibility, let us assure the president that he would achieve none of the above. We have heard about the so-called arrest of three persons for their ostensible complicity in the cocaine saga. Such small flies could not have played the role which ensured the safe landing of Ruby at Heathrow. Their roles were insignificant – running last-minute errands which they were encouraged to do – because they saw the hands of their superiors pushing the dices. If there is any arrest to be made, it should be at the top echelon of the political administration and not some lowly ranked officials who would eventually be released anyway, for want of evidence when the dust settles down. We are stuck in a quagmire, unable to make headway in managing the nation. No week elapses without one scandal or another rearing its head – realities which are mind-boggling and appalling. We are compelled to recall the reaction of one of the country’s Christian clergymen when he virtually screamed in desperation, “Where are the wise men of our land? Let them come and assist with their wisdom for the country is running aground.” We too are tempted to follow his steps and cry out, “Our country is in trouble as leadership continues to fumble in the face of self-inflicted mounting crises.” The country appears rudderless as she drifts without direction on choppy waters.