Who Helped Nayele Ametefe Gain Access To VIP Lounge? - Kwesi Pratt Quizzes

Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt has asked State authorities to reveal the identity of the facilitators of Nayele Ametefe, the woman at the center of the recent cocaine bust. Speaking on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo", Kwesi Pratt requested to know who facilitated the movement of Nayele Ametefe through the VIP lounge at Kotoka International Airport (KIA). According to him, it is unlikely for the 'cocaine' woman to pass through the VIP lounge without a diplomatic passport. So, to him, if the UK High Commissioner to Ghana Jon Benjamin says Ms. Nayele Ametefe was not holding a Ghanaian diplomatic passport; then it behoves the authorities to prove the person behind that. "Is she qualified to use that route? If she's not qualified to pass there, how come she succeeded in going through there? Because no ordinary person can pass through the VVIP; no ordinary person can use the VIP section. So, if somebody or the woman, herself, has managed to pass there with cocaine; it is necessary to ask how come she passed there? Who helped her to gain access?" Touching on the widely-held relationship issue between the busted cocaine lady and some government officials in the country, Mr. Pratt wondered how one can be implicated in the schemes of his concubine. In his view, Ghana's laws do not make a person responsible for the criminal acts committed by his concubine until proven. "...must one be responsible for criminal acts by his or her concubine?" Kwesi Pratt also fed into the notion that Ms. Nayele Ametefe and her accomplices have been pleasuring top officials from all sectors of the economy and political parties in the country.