Prof Adei wants Daboya MP sanctioned

Professor Stephen Adei, Former Rector of GIMPA, has appealed to the leadership of Parliament, to sanction the MP for Daboya, for advocating the stoning of women who commit adultery. “I join all sane voices in society to condemn his defiant posture, and I am ashamed that he is called Honourable in my country,” he said. Prof Adei made the appeal during a lecture organized by the Department of Social Studies at the Valley View University at Oyibi, under the theme “To what Extent has Ghana Achieved the Millennium Development Goal One,” which talked about eradicating extreme hunger and poverty by 2015. He noted that although, he did not support adultery in any way, it would also be despicable, unacceptable, and cruel to have adulterous women stoned. He noted that although, Ghana had done well with the Millennium Development Goal One, poverty was still high in rural areas. He, however, cited increased government support to the vulnerable, and in particular debt relief from the HIPC Initiative, enhanced foreign inflows in the form of aid, foreign direct investments and remittances from Ghanaians abroad, as some of the measures that had helped the country to meet MDG One. “Others include specific social intervention programmes by the Kuffour administration such as the Ghana School Feeding Programme and the Capitation Grant, NYEP now GYEEDA, and the NHIS,” he added. He pointed out that since Nkrumah’s time, our national development had lacked clear vision and a national long-term perspective framework, which had resulted in the inability to address fundamental needs of the economy, such as development of power and infrastructure.