Farmers Warned Against Misuse Of Agro-Chemicals

Mr. Joseph Out, the Shama District Director of Agriculture, has expressed worry about the use of carbide and other chemicals by farmers to hasten the ripening of fruits such as banana and plantain. He said, “We urge all to stop these practices so that the environment can be preserved for generations unborn,” he said. Mr. Out, who spoke at the Shama District Farmers’ Day celebration, said the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with other stakeholders would continue to educate and train farmers on the proper use of agro-chemicals. He also mentioned bad practices such as farming along river banks, use of light, chemicals and unproved nets for fishing among others and said these were gradually destroying the environment. Mr. Out mentioned some interventions put in place by government to help farmers as the Rural Enterprise Programme and the e-agriculture which would enable farmers to access extension and other services through the mobile phones. Mr. Enoch Appiah, the District Chief Executive, expressed appreciation to all the farmers and appealed to farmers to adopt modern techniques, effective extension delivery methods and good investment. Some farmers received certificates of honour, cutlasses, sewing machines, Wellington boots, fishing nets and pans among other with Opanyin Atta Panyin emerging as the district best farmers.