Best Farmers Awarded Bottles of Joy Dadi Bitters, Toilet Rolls Etc

Peacefmonline can confirm that farmers in the Eastern Region who were selected for recognition as part of Friday's National Farmers Day celebration, received rolls of toilet paper, 'Joy Daddy' bitters, cutlasses, wellington boots and bars of soap. They were deemed to have excelled in various farming activities such as poultry, piggery and other specific food or cash crops. To some, the giving away of two 'Key Soap' bars, three rolls of toilet paper, three cutlasses would have been in order, but the addition of three bottles of 'Joy Daddy Bitters' (an alcoholic drink) to the package, left many open-mouthed. Expressions of disappointment wer clearly written on the faces of some of the recipients and those present when they discovered that instead of items of value to be given them to compensate for their years of tilling the ground, they were only given three rolls of toilet paper and the alcoholic beverage, Joy Dadi bitters. Instituted in the early 1980s, the annual event celebrated on the first Friday of December is meant to honour the contributions of farmers to the development of the country. The 2014 edition of the celebration was under the theme: "Eat what you grow." In all, 71 farmers across the country are being awarded at the national event at Sefwi-Wiawso in the Western region. The award categories include fisheries, research, extension services among others.As a sign of showing greater respect for the profession; which employs about 60% of Ghana’s population, the day is observed as a national holiday and marked with gatherings at the district to the national level with best farmers selected to be awarded. And it is in accordance with this tradition that farmers from the various districts of the Eastern region converged at the Regional capital, Koforidua to observe the day.