Portuphy Predicts Massive Win--Ahead Of NDC Congress

Aspiring national chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. Ebenezer Kofi Portuphy has predicted overwhelming victory over his co-contestants in the upcoming election, saying, “This is as a result of the good works I have done over the years as a member of the party, which have brought about gains in all endeavors of the party. “My works and all the things I did for the party are clear for all to see and that alone would do the trick for me,” Mr Portuphy, who is also the national vice chairman of the party and Coordinator of National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) stated. He has therefore urged all members of the party, especially his grass-roots supporters to continue with their campaign to ensure a massive win for him. “Since the grass roots is the bargaining chip for every election, I have intensified my visits to the various constituencies to make my intentions known to them so that they could make informed decisions to support and vote for me during the election,” he added. Speaking to UTV on range of issues, Mr. Portuphy appealed to party members contesting elections for the leadership of the party to be careful in their comments and avoid mudslinging and insults, which could be used against the leadership of the party during the 2016 general election. “There is the need for footsoldiers of the party to intensify their effort at telling people about what the party has done for them, as well as what it intends to do to bring change into the standard of living of the people,” he maintained. During a recent campaign tour of the Western, Eastern, Central, Volta and parts of the Greater Accra regions, party faithful and delegates openly declared their support for him. Mr. Portuphy also a founder member of the NDC, believed it was time he was elevated national chairmanship position because of his vast experience, the work he has done for the party and nation, and the fruits his work has yielded for the party and even those who do not belong to the NDC. “My work in the NDC party links up with the minority parties and it helps to build bridges for national consensus. That is why I am contesting,” he added. Mr. Portuphy said his key vision for seeking the national chairmanship is to reinvigorate the NDC as a formidable social democratic party for all Ghanaians. He noted that as the NDC sprang out of the people, it was time the party shifted momentum to meet the day-to-day expectations of its members and the entire Ghanaian populace. According to him, his priority is to win the 2016 election, pledging to work hard if given the opportunity to build stronger internal political structures that would help the NDC fulfill its mission of retaining political power. He said he was prosecuting his mission on the key pillars of restoring genuine unity within the party and helping to build a vanguard of young party enthusiasts to facilitate the aspirations of the party. In Mr Portuphy’s view, if the NDC is not united, it cannot win elections. “It is obvious in many of our branches and constituencies across the country that our members, former functionaries, ambassadors and MPs feel sidelined or ignored. It is time to galvanize all these people for the party to, sustain maximum unity. When we are united, we can work as a team,” Mr. Portuphy who is also known as “Mr Pee,” told UTV. He stressed that building a strong democratic tradition within the NDC for its members to be seen and regarded as true social democrats was dear to him. As the Director of Elections in the NDC since 2002, Mr Portuphy said it was his core objective to strengthen electoral mechanisms and structures, as well as help the party to retain power in the 2016 election. He reiterated his determination to make his services available to everybody in the party and, in the event, encourage not only the national executive but also all leaders to make themselves accessible. He appealed to all former executives and ministers, ambassadors, district chief executives and party members, to fully engage themselves in party activities for electoral victory in 2016. Mr. Portuphy told NDC delegates to remember their core values as social democrats with a focus on human-centered principles.