‘A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man’ — Nunoo Mensah Warns Against Terrorist Threat’

Head of the Human Security Department at the National Security Secretariat, Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, has warned that poverty in the country is a great threat to Ghana’s peace and security. Speaking to Joy News on the sidelines of a book launch by Professor Kwaku Boafo on former president Jerry Rawlings, Brigadier Nunoo Mensah said, terrorist groups like Boko Haram can easily target and recruit poor people in society for terrorism activities. “Hungry man is an angry man. If you are hungry you can do anything to let your children survive”, he explained. He said the unstable political situation in Nigeria makes a possible infiltration of the terrorist group very likely. “Boko Haram is a threat to all of us. Nigeria is a huge country and Nigeria is beginning to boil. If you watch carefully there is a revolution taking place. Today [Boko Haram] roams freely in north eastern Nigeria, the army can’t deal with them because the ordinary people northern Nigeria supports them”, he explained.