JJ Boys Descend On Mosquito

General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has incurred the displeasure of some of his own party members with known affiliation to the Rawlingses and Kofi Adams, their protégé. The group believes Asiedu Nketia is virtually become a nuisance in the party and, therefore, needs to be checkmated before things get out of hand with his influence and control of the NDC. At a press conference in Accra yesterday, Dela Coffie, convener of the group which identifies itself as the Grassroots Supporters Front (GSF) of the NDC particularly expressed disgust at attempts by the NDC General Secretary to undermine the candidature of their preferred choice for the position of National Organiser, Kofi Adams, in the upcoming congress of the party slated for coming Saturday. Schemes “We are aware of a series of calculated ploys by Johnson Asiedu Nketia and his likes who are applying intimidating tactics towards delegates, calling on them not to vote for Kofi Adams with lies and open threats,” he noted. He continued that… “We heard the infamous don’t vote for ‘useless people or I’ll resign’ gaffe, then, ‘Mills’ sympathy stunt’ – where they attempted riding on the death of President Mills for sympathy votes. Then came the lies about Kofi Adams inducing delegates with money. And now the loyalty sermon being preached by General Mosquito against Kofi Adams.” Mr Coffie also spoke of attempts by some paid agents to use the court to disqualify their man (Kofi Adams) from the race, accusing the NDC General Secretary and his colleague National Organiser, Yaw Boateng Gyan, who is seeking reelection of having a hand in it, describing it as despicable, shameful, cowardly and an irresponsible tactics. “Did Kofi Adams ever leave the NDC? Did he join another political party? Didn’t the vetting committee deal with these matters? If the vetting committee and the National Executive Committee of the party thought it wise to clear him and allow him to file his nomination papers, who is General Mosquito to say otherwise? Why didn’t General Mosquito file for Kofi Adams’ disqualification during the vetting process if he honestly believes that he wasn’t a loyal or a true member of the party?” he asked rhetorically. Concern Dela Coffie, who was neck deep in the then FONKAR-GAMEs saga said, “Across the length and breadth of the country the desperate campaign of mudslinging and dirty tricks is being perpetrated by General Mosquito to the extent that some delegates are even lured with ethnic undertones,” insisting these cannot be normal times in the NDC. According to him, it therefore, “behoves all right thinking members of the party to stand up and be counted.” This, according to the leadership of the Grassroots Supporters Front, was because “Kofi Adams has been a proven loyal grassroots organiser over the years” and that “as a Regional Youth Organiser for the Central Region while the party was in opposition, Kofi superintended over youth mobilisation in the region, and delivered the entire region to the party in 2008 elections.” Conviction Aside that, they said, “Kofi Adams has served the NDC and its founder the best way he knew how, with humility, dedication and loyalty, when the likes of General Mosquito were dragging the founder’s name through the mud.” For them, “If there’s anyone who has been disloyal to the NDC, it is General Mosquito, who was brought up by Jerry Rawlings and later installed as General Secretary, but would grow up to tell the founder that he is not the owner of the NDC, and will turn around to claim ownership of the party to the extent that he want to decide who the delegates should vote for.”