Marketers Not Impressed With Christmas Sales

Traders at the Makola market in Accra have shared their worries about the poor sales recorded this Christmas season compared to previous years. Most traders said though the prices of their goods had not really changed people were still not buying. In a market survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Naa Lawson, a petty trader who deals in pastries usually used as souvenirs during Christmas complained bitterly, saying patronage was very poor and frustrating. She said that last year’s Christmas sales was more encouraging than this year’s. She added that pre-Christmas sales last week was even worse, and blamed the situation on the poor economy adding that, ‘there is no money in the system. Another trader, Akwele Johnson, who sells African print materials, said that although she had maintained the prices of her goods, there were still no sales. Akwele said that, during Christmas, African print sales usually go high, but this year is different, and the situation is bad. Danso Nathaniel who sells cloth also said that he maintained his price, but last year’s Christmas sales was still more encouraging than this year’s. Prince Amoo, who runs a boutique, blamed his situation on the cost of importation. He said that due to the cost of importation, he was forced to also increase the prices of his goods which reduced patronage. In general, traders blamed low sales on the economic hardship the nation was facing, and wondered if the situation would get better.