Prostitute Arrested For Using Clients' Penis For Ritual

A 23-year-old girl, Uche Agunta who plies the trade of sex has been arrested for cutting off male organs of her patronizers for rituals. Agunta was apprehended by the Imo State. Nigeria, Police Command, when she tried using a razor blade to cut off the private organs of a 38-year-old man�s manhood. She explained that she had been in the practice of hacking off men�s manhood for quite some time, adding that she receives N150,000 for every organ she sells. �I am a prostitute and I smoke. I have a gang and we specialise in sleeping with men and cut their manhood during sex. We use the manhood for money rituals. I have killed seven men in the hotel in Owerri. They had sex with me after they have paid me N3, 000 or N5, 000. I would be on top of the man and in the process I would bring out blade and cut off his manhood.� �I do hand over the manhood to our gang leader. They always promise to pay us N150, 000 for each manhood we could supply, and which they used for money ritual.� The suspect also revealed that she has given birth to three children, two of whom she has sold for N200, 000. �I dropped out at JSS 3. I stopped going to school when I lost my father, but my mother is still alive. I joined a gang where some ladies initiated me into a cult. Our main concern is going after male organ for ritual. I have given birth to three children. I sold the first and second children for N200, 000 each. The third child is a boy and he is staying with my mother.� �On November 2014, the man met me at Oyima Street, Owerri. He gave me N2,000 to have sex with me. It was around 3.00pm. The victim took me to the hotel in Owerri and he was having sex with me.� �I was on top of him and when he was enjoying it, I brought out my blade and I started cutting his manhood. But it hadn�t cut off when he started to shout for help. Then they came to arrest me and he was rushed to the hospital. I was arrested and I have confessed to the police.� The Imo State Commissioner of Police Abdulmajid Ali confirmed the story, saying that Agunta will soon be charged to court