Police PRO DSP Cephas Arthur Gets Promotion?

As the saying goes that hard work pays off, the work of the Ghana Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) DSP Cephas Arthur is about to earn a promotion from Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) to Superintendent of Police (SUPOL). Sources say his new rank might be conferred on him by next week. Without being emphatic about his promotion, DSP Cephas Arthur on Oman Fms Morning Show asked for patience as he believes that by next week his promotion will be confirmed for him to fully discuss it in the media. Lets wait and see; I have also heard something like that but it is unconfirmed. But let us see how it goes. Maybe God willing, it will happen as you have said so pray for me and maybe by next week it will be confirmed and when it happens, I will call you to talk about it, he stated.