KKD ‘Rape’ Saga: We Suspect Foul Play – Family

The family of media celebrity Kwesi Kyei Darkwa says they suspect foul play in the circumstances leading to his arrest. A family member who spoke to Citi News on condition of anonymity disclosed that the complainant was forced to press charges against KKD by a third party. KKD was arrested on Sunday at the African Regent Hotel for alleged indecent assault of a 19-year-old girl. He admitted that KKD had consensual sex with the complaint. “There is a whole lot of mischief. We all live in Ghana and we know how celebrities are sought after as far as getting them incriminated. We think it is a case of blackmail because what will a 19-year-old girl be doing with a 50 year old man in a hotel room. Why did she follow him to the hotel room in the first place? It was some boys who came to make the first complaint and the police told them to bring the lady,” he explained. According to him the complainant on reaching the police station told police officers on duty and some cell inmates that she was not going to press charges against KKD. “When the lady came she said it to the hearing of the police and some cell inmates that I don’t want to press charges against KKD and she was being impressed on. It is surprising that later on she had to change her statement. We think there is a little bit of foul play,” he said. He continued that the allegation of indecent assault was questionable adding that “people next door in the hotel could not hear screams and there are no dresses torn and they came down.” Meanwhile, KKD will be arraigned before court on Tuesday following the late arrival at the court on Monday.