I Will Speak On Allegations Against Me Next Tuesday, Says CHRAJ Boss

THE embattled Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Mrs Lauretta Vivian Lamptey, who is being investigated over allegations of corruption and abuse of office by the Office of the Chief Justice, says she will speak on the matter next week. Sounding calm on the phone when contacted by The General Telegraph yesterday, she said she was ready to appear before the five-member committee set up to investigate complaints of alleged serious misconduct and breaches of the law against her. “I’m sorry I am not doing any interviews at the moment, but please call me on Tuesday of next week for the interview,” she told The General Telegraph. The committee probing Ms Lamptey was set up after the Office of the Chief Justice said it had established a prima facie case against Ms Lamptey. The five-member committee chaired by Mr Justice Anin Yeboah, a Justice of the Supreme Court, will investigate complaints of serious misconduct, inappropriate exercise of office, serious misjudgement, breaches of the law and public trust against the CHRAJ boss. Since the position of the Commissioner of CHRAJ is equal to that of a judge of the Court of Appeal, the procedure for Ms Lamptey's removal from office can only start with credible evidence of corruption and abuse of office from the investigations of the Chief Justice. The decision to set up the five-member committee is a constitutional requirement in Article 146 (3) of the 1992 Constitution that states: “If the President receives a petition for the removal of a Justice of a Superior Court other than the Chief Justice or for the removal of the chairman of a regional tribunal, he shall refer the petition to the Chief Justice, who shall determine whether there is a prima facie case.” Late last year, Ms Lamptey in a release stated that she was confident that she would be cleared of all the charges when she presented her side of the story to the investigative committee. “I therefore welcome the opportunity which such an investigation offers me to present my side of the story in an open and transparent manner and to clear my name of the accusations which have been levelled at me over the past several weeks in the media and by the petitioners,” the statement added.